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80% of success consists in showing up to the appointment

Woody Allen

Welcome, I’m Ruy Arroyo

After 20+ years of alcohol and substance use and abuse, at 35 years of age I went through a rehabilitation and profound learning process in order to stop using. Ten years of personal growth and continuos academic formation regarding treatments led me to work with other addicts and accompany them to a healthier, more fulfilling and meaningful way of life.
Addiction should not be a label for those who suffer from it, a closer definition could be that it is a process, an acquired learning procedure which has negative results for the person that suffers from it and everyone that surrounds him.

This procedure can be modified.

Rehabilitation of substance and behavioural patterns can become an outstanding opportunity of introspect learning like few others. It can lead to becoming fully autonomous, identifying yourself as an individual and to enjoy life to its fullest.


The treatment we use to treat addictions is based on cognitive-conductual and motivational therapies. It is worked in individual sessions and adapted personally to each client based on their objectives and details of their lives.


Educational archive consisting of interviews with experts in different fields of science related to addiction. The chapters are titled by substances/behaviors and the guests are dedicated experts in the field. Professionals with years, if not decades, of experience.