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Ruy Arroyo


The director of this therapeutic program for treating addictions is an inspirational figure who has traversed a profound path of personal recovery. His story of struggle and triumph over substance abuse has granted him a unique and authentic perspective to assist others in their recovery journey.
What sets this therapeutic leader apart is his transformative vision of recovery. Instead of viewing it as a mere process of ceasing substance consumption, he interprets it as a unique opportunity for self-awareness and profound growth. For him, recovery is not just about leaving addictions behind but also a pathway to personal transformation.
Moreover, this director is characterized by his receptiveness to new interpretations and therapeutic approaches. His evolving approach constantly adapts to the changing needs of those seeking recovery, making him a valuable resource for those wishing to embark on a journey of recovery with a more enriching and comprehensive perspective.

Carlos Fernando Favila

Addiction psychologist

Carlos is an addiction psychologist from Durango, Mexico. He is a highly skilled professional specialized in understanding, assessing, and treating the psychological and emotional complexities related to addictions. A recovering addict with over ten years of personal training and experience, Carlos possesses a profound understanding of various substances and addictive behaviors, as well as the underlying factors driving the development and perpetuation of addictions.
He employs a variety of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, to help patients identify their patterns of substance use or addictive behaviors, confront emotional triggers, and develop effective strategies for recovery. Carlos is a valuable ally in guiding individuals on their path to recovery.

Dani Pérez

Founder of Re-Educate Studio

Dani is a valuable asset of knowledge and experience in the field of professional personal training. He works on the specific needs and characteristics of each individual, regardless of their current physical condition. His main motivation is to help people lead a healthier lifestyle through sports, while ensuring they value the positive results they achieve and their personal growth.
Dani has spent years working and consulting with professionals to acquire a set of skills applicable to all stages of treatment. Serving as an essential pillar in improving the quality of life for clients, he complements the treatment of Ruy Arroyo, achieving measurable results.

Clara Alfaro

Psychology expert in sound meditation with gongs

Clara Alfaro, a graduate in psychology, utilizes the sound of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs for trauma release and exploration of the unconscious. She perceives the individual as more than just a physical body, integrating the healing of different aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.
Sound Meditations encompass a vast array of benefits on all levels. It is akin to a deep 8-hour sleep during which the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing for the restoration of natural balance, regulation of stress levels, dissolution of all kinds of blockages, calming of anxiety, regeneration of the nervous system, enhancement of intuition, and connection with the Self.
Clara offers group sound meditations and individual sessions of therapy with Tibetan singing bowls throughout the body. Her holistic approach to individuals complements and reinforces the work conducted in therapy with Ruy Arroyo.

María Robles Martínez

Psychiatrist specialized in addictions

Maria is a psychiatrist, and since the beginning of her career in psychiatry, she has focused primarily on the field of addictions and dual pathology (which occurs when a person, in addition to an addiction, also has another mental illness such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc.). She has extensive experience in addressing addictions both at the individual and family levels, in both public and private healthcare settings. Additionally, she is a lecturer at the University of Barcelona and in the Master’s in Drug Dependencies at IL3. She believes that psychiatry is the branch of medicine that addresses the suffering of individuals, and therefore, she emphasizes her involvement in teamwork for a holistic approach to mental health.